The gasification of biomass and energy crops to generate electricity and heat is being researched to develop cost effective solutions for disposal of wastes while providing localized power. The producer gases from the unit after cleaning can be fed into a gasoline generator to produce electricity; flexibility also allows the system to provide fuel gas for other applications. The system is also able to makes use of off-the-shelf proven technology to reduce costs.

Currently most gasifiers have considerable drawbacks, mainly the type of fuel required to run the unit. Most systems can only burn fuel that has been processed and formed into blocks allowing oxygen to reach the reaction zone. Using ABRI’s technology we anticipate being able to develop a gasifier which is able to work on a wide variety of fuels without previous limitations.

The gas produced requires cleaning to remove tar residues and other contaminants before being fed into a diesel generator. Our systems address these concerns to provide a clean energy rich gas which can be utilized by other systems.

A fully functioning pilot gasifier will be able to burn a wide variety of material and produce very pure gases which can be used by a gasoline electric generator. Systems using fuel cells are also a possibility however much more complex gases purification systems will be required.