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R & D

We have a system to produce limited quantities of biooil and biochar.


Biomass supply, bioenergy economics and bioenergy project validation.

available for conversion to bioproducts

Canada has extensive biomass resourcese available for conversion to bioproducts.

Canada's forests represent a valuable and only partially developed resource. While logging removes valuable round wood for lumber and pulp, significant amounts of low grade wood are left. This underutilized wood is available for conversion to fuel and "green" chemicals.

Poultry production

generates sufficient energy from manure to offset heating costs. Concentrated poultry and livestock farming operations are producing enough manure to be an environmental concern. Canada had over 2800 poultry producers. The conversion of chicken manure to liquid fuel and charcoal can provide an alternative disposal method while at the same time offsetting the ever increasing costs of heating poultry barns.

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For the farmers

providing farmers with a cost effective means of capturing the energy in the manure while at the same time helping to develop a viable and economic nutrient management plan.

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Catalytic Upgrading of Heavy Oils and Vacuum Residuals

Heavy Oils including waste petroleum oil can be catalytic cracked using a modified pyrolysis process and additional catalyst to promote the reaction. The result is lighter more valuable liquid products as well as high energy…

Pyrolysis of Coal

Coal is still used for a large percentage of heating and electricity generation in both Canada and the US mainly because of its abundance and high energy value. The problems associated with this is the…


The gasification of biomass and energy crops to generate electricity and heat is being researched to develop cost effective solutions for disposal of wastes while providing localized power. The producer gases from the unit after…